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    Secret About My Cheap Escorts Girlfriend

    By / February 3, 2019

    I did not have a hang up about Anna working for London escorts at all. Living in a major city such as London can be a complete nightmare. Finding a job that pays well is not easy at all. Like so many other girls I have met in this part of London, Anna had left school at sixteen, and got a job in a shoe store. She did not get on too well with her family and was rather desperate to leave home. Working in the shore store would simply not earn her enough money to do, and after a year, she started to work part-time for cheap escorts.

    If you meet a girl who works for companion company and you really like her, you should not hesitate to hook up with her. All of the girls I have met have all been very responsible. From what I can tell you are not going to make any money working for a cheap escorts service unless you take your job seriously. What I did not know was how well Anna had actually done for herself. Little wonder then she is not interested in me moving in with her.

    Like other London escorts Anna is very independent. When we first met, I did not realise that working for cheap escorts had allowed Anna to buy two properties in London. It was not until I met one of her junior colleagues that I found out that Anna owns the place she lives in, and she also has an investment property in London. There is little wonder she can afford to wake up and have caviar on toast every day!

    Anna’s wardrobe is piled high with designer handbags. Very naively I thought that this was the way she spent her salary. One day when I picked her up after she had finished the late shift at London escorts, she jumped in the car with yet another designer bag. I asked her when she got the chance to shopping. She looked at me in a funny way and told me one of her dates had given her the bag as a thank you for a business date which had gone extremely well. Apparently, the rest of her designer bags came from the gents she dates on a regular basis.

    Her living expenses must be very low. As she does not have a mortgage, I guess that she only pays out for a few things. Most of the time one of her gents take her out for dinner. Not only that, but all of her jewellery that she has stashed away at homes are gifts. On occasion, she is even sent giant food hampers from top London stores. The money she spends on herself and clothes comes from tips. I am not sure but I don’t think that we are a very equal match. Yes, I do love her, but I have this feeling that she thinks I only would like to her advantage of her.…

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